Planning & Zoning

Planning & Zoning serves as a function of the Building Department and is managed by the Planning & Zoning Manager.  The Planning & Zoning Manager responds to developer and resident inquiries regarding the Township Zoning Ordinance and Master Plan.  The Planning & Zoning Manager also provides professional staff support to the Planning Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals.

Current Development Projects:

The map below identifies the locations of both projects currently under construction and those still in the Planning phases. By clicking on the link below, you will be redirected to the Township's Interactive Map on developments in process.

If you are interested in developing in Independence Township, we are a One Stop Ready community.  We are development ready and able to provide a predictable timetable for each developer who works with the Township.  The Township provides Pre-Application meetings free of charge to the developer.  Attendees at these meetings, depending on scope, may include the Township Planner, Township Engineer, DPW Director, Fire Marshal, and a subcommittee of the Planning Commission.


Please contact Brian Oppmann, Planning & Zoning Manager, if you have questions regarding the Development Process.

For information on the Planning Commission, please click here.

For information on the Zoning Ordinance and Land Use, please click here.

For information on the Zoning Board of Appeals, please click here.

For information on Zoning Verification Letters, please click here.