Boards And Committees

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Following is a listing of the Independence Township Boards and Commissions and their members:

Board of Review
Susan Aulgur Justin Harrell
Bruce Campbell - Alternate  Diane Trabucchi
Clarkston Independence District Library
Janice Gaffney - Treasurer  Allison McFadden-Keesling - Trustee
Michele Ginn - Vice President  Marilyn Pomeroy - President
Daniel Greene - Trustee  
Election Commission
Barbara Pallotta - Township Clerk Andrea Schroeder - Township Board Representative
Ronald Ritchie - Township Board Representative  
Independence Television Video Center Administrative Board
Patrick Kittle - Township Supervisor Dr. Rod Rock – CCS Superintendent
Matt Bleau – Station Manager (Non-voting) Scott Banks – CCS Video Manager (Non-voting)
Jay A. Clark – Township Representative Leanna Haun – CCS Representative
Wayne E. Mead – Township Representative Kristin DeFranco – CCS Representative
Robert Namowicz – Township Representative  
Parks, Recreation & Seniors Advisory Committee
Committee is temporarily inactive.  
Planning Commission
David Boersma Ronald Ritchie - Township Board Representative
Kevin Bushroe R. Brent Savidant; Chair
Brian Galley Judy Tully
Sam Moraco  
Safety Path Committee
Ronald Ritchie - Township Board Rep. (Non-voting) Patrick Kittle - Township Supervisor
Kevin Daniels - Sup. of Safety Paths (Non-voting) David McKee - DPW Director
Deborah Froehlich; Chair - Resident Member Mike Wagner - Resident Member
David Henderson - Resident Member  
Sashabaw Corridor Improvement Authority
Craig Bennett - Resident Representative Bob Roth; Chair - Property Owner
Bryan Cornwell - Business Owner Chip Robinson - DTE: Business Owner Rep.
Patrick Kittle - Township Supervisor Dale Verhey - Business Owner
TBD - Business Owner Ken Winship - Property Owner
Senior Adult Activity Center Advisory Committee
Pat Edwards Jean Pachuta
Joseph Fige, Jr. Barbara Rollin - Senior Division Supervisor
Connie Hutchison Mary Lou Schell
Donald Kayko Sue Shubert
Lee Kuczmanski Thomas Stone
Donna Miller Mel Vaara
Carolyn Morrison  
Zoning Board of Appeals
Alan Aulgur Andrew Grusnick - Alternate Member
Jim Eppink Mitch Grusnick
Brian Galley - Planning Commission Representative Jeff McGee; Chair