Planning Commission

Established: Michigan Planning Enabling Act [Act 33 of 2008]
                             Planning Commission By-laws: Adopted May 23, 2013
Township Liaison: Building Official; (248) 625-8111
The purpose the Planning Commission is to guide land use and development through review and implementation of the Master Plan, review of proposed site plans, review and proposal of changes in the Zoning and Land Use Ordinances, including zoning changes, review of special land use permit applications, and other powers as outlined in state and local law. The Planning Commission makes every effort, within its power, to assure the orderly development and growth of the Township in a manner that is consistent with and does not jeopardize the special character of the community.

The Planning Commission consists of 7 members appointed by the Township Supervisor with the approval of a majority of the Township Board. A Township Board representative is appointed as an ex-officio member and is 1 of the 7 appointees. To be qualified  and remain a member of the Planning Commission, the individual must be a qualified voter of Independence Township.

Regular meetings of the Planning Commission are scheduled at 6:30 p.m. on the 2nd Thursday of each month in the Township Hall Meeting Room. The 4th Thursday of each month is reserved for additional meetings on an as needed basis.