Sashabaw Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA)

Established: May 16, 2006; RESOLUTION: Establishment of a Corridor Improvement Authority
                             Chapter 11, Article II: Charter Township of Independence Code of Ordinances
                             [Corridor Improvement Authority Act 280 of the Public Acts of 2005]
Township Liaison: Township Supervisor; (248) 625-5111

The Sashabaw Corridor Improvement Authority (CIA) coordinates specific public improvements to enhance existing business activity and stimulate new investment consistent with Township policies. While the focus of the CIA is to improve both the Interstate 75 bridge and interchange, and Sashabaw Road (primarily from Waldon Road to Clarkston Road), a more minor but significant project is the completion and extension of streetscape improvements that could not be accomplished when the boulevard was constructed due to financial uncertainty at that time. The CIA intends to proceed with streetscaping, most likely on a phased basis, once a final roadway design is agreed to by MDOT and RCOC. The CIA also initiated the design and irrigation plans for the portion of Sashabaw Road south of Waldon Road.

The CIA consists of 9 members including the Township Supervisor. The remaining 8 members are appointed by the Township Supervisor for a 4-year term subject to Township Board approval. Membership must meet or exceed the minimum 5- member requirement. Not less than a majority of the members must be persons having ownership or business interest in property located in the development area.  At least one (1) member shall be a resident of the development area or within a ½ mile of the development area.

The Corridor Improvement Authority meets quarterly (January, April, July and October) on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. in the Township Hall Meeting Room, or on an as needed basis.

Activities of the CIA

Although PA 280 authorizes a broad range of activities in which a CIA can be engaged, the activities of the Sashabaw Corridor Improvement Authority have been more narrowly defined by the Township Board. The CIA is focused on providing specific public improvements that will enhance existing business activity and stimulate new investment that is consistent with Township policies. As a result, the improvements contemplated include:

  1. Acquisition of right-of-way and the widening of Sashabaw Road north of the Interstate 75 interchange;
  2. Improvements to the Interstate 75 bridge and interchange; and
  3. Completion of streetscape improvements, such as landscaping, irrigation, signage, and coordinated lighting.
ClipArt PDFIcon Corridor Improvement Authority Map

The chief means of financing for the CIA is through the use of Tax Increment Financing (TIF). The TIF district generally includes properties which front on Sashabaw Road extending from Clarkston to Maybee Roads. TIF revenues are captured from the increases in real and personal property over the base year of 2006. In other words, property taxes collected within the District as of 2006 continue to be collected. Sources of tax increment revenues include the Township, Oakland County, and Oakland Community College. In order to lessen the impact on both the Township and other taxing jurisdictions, the Township is capturing only 50% of the eligible taxes.

Due to the cost of the road improvements, the CIA is seeking both public funding and private contributions. In the case of the road projects, CIA monies will be used to meet the required local match for state and/or federal funds.