Cemetery Rates

Lakeview Cemetery
Lot Sales:    
Twp. Resident $657.00  
Non-Resident $898.00  
Cremation - Resident $460.00  
Cremation - Non-Resident $575.00  
Baby $110.00  
Sashabaw Plains Cemetery
Lot Sales:    
Lot Sale - Twp. Resident $438.00  
Lot Sale - Non-Resident $548.00  
Lakeview Cemetery
Regular $606.00  
Shelter $606.00  
Cremation $164.00  
Opening/Closing - Baby $100.00  
Additional Charges    
Tent and Chairs $100.00  
Saturday $300.00  
Sunday $750.00  
Holiday $1,000.00  
Sashabaw Plains Cemetery
Fall burials done by Genesee Valley Co.  810-695-5166
Baby $100.00  
Cremation $164.00  
Lakeview and Sashabaw Plains Cemeteries
Disinterments (full-size) $657.00  
Disinterments (cremation) $164.00  
Disinterments (baby) $110.00  
Foundation Fees:    
Foundation Fee per square inch $0.75  
Minimum fee $75.00  
Military Marker $75.00  
Deed Transfers $25.00  

The Board of the Charter Township of Independence presents the following rules and regulations, as required under Ordinance No, 08-06, Chapter 42, Article IV.

The Board believes that in enforcing these rules and regulations it will provide to the greatest possible extent for the preference of lot owners as well as to secure the stability of improvements.

The by-laws, rules, regulations, prices of lots and schedule of service prices may be amended or changed at any regular meeting of the Township board by a majority vote of all members.

This ordinance was duly adopted by the Township Board of the Charter Township of Independence on November 18, 2008.